We have discovered a rare gem– Douglas County.
It is here, that we call our home. 
A place to raise a family, settle down, and enjoy life.
Where the dream of having it all is so much closer to reality.
We gather from Castle Rock, Parker, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch and Castle Pines.
We value the security and comfort of a small town and the wide-open spaces that allow us to gaze upon our majestic mountains. 
We love our expansive community.
And this is why, we are so determined to reach our community with the Gospel.  
We encounter so many who are unfulfilled…
The pressure of having it all.
The pursuit of joy in all the wrong places.
Worshipping the created instead of the creator.
Schools are known for suicide rates and families struggle to keep up the façade…the schedule…the success .
In searching for the best, many have ignored the struggle inside of their hearts and find themselves asking the question “Is there more to life than this?”
And the answer is so simple…