Fall 2017 Student ministry Calendar


Fall kickoff

August 16th, 6:30-8:00 PM

Fall 2017 kicks off with 200 Burgers. 

Small groups compete for the prestigious title Burger Champion! Less competitive students come and casually share a burger and root beer floats with friends.

How many can you eat?


Epic (High School Series)

August 16 - 30th

Everyone wants to live for something. But what does it take to live a life-story worth telling? High schoolers kick off the semester with three inspiring discussions on how to make this school year wildly meaningful.


The Greatest: Why you need faith, hope & love (Middle school only)

August 16 - 30th

Who doesn't want to be the greatest? The greatest athlete, the greatest student, the greatest artist. But God's idea of what makes us great is vastly different than ours.

Middle schools kick off the semester with a series centered on the importance of the theological virtues: faith, hope and love.



SEPTEMBER 6 - 27th

Life can make teens feel lost and isolated. Many feel like their out on the road alone and unwanted. But Jesus paid a high price to allow anyone who turns around to come back home. Join us as we look at three homecoming stories in the Bible.

God wants everyone to know: you can go home.

A Beautiful Design Logo.jpg

A Beautiful Design

October 4th & 18th

The pinnacle of God's design was men and women. Men were built to need women. Women were built to need men.

Our culture misunderstands God's design and either throws out gender all together or distorts what a man and woman should be. Join us for a two week study that asks the question: WHY DID GOD DESIGN MALE AND FEMALE

Gallantry Gala.jpg

4th Annual Gallantry Gala

October 25th, 6:30

Gallantry Gala is a formal dinner party designed to teach guys how to honor and serve the ladies. The gentlemen serve the ladies a gourmet dinner while performing hilarious skits and musical entertainment.

Proverbs (1).jpg

The Shape of a Good Life

November 1st - December 6th

What is a good life? Proverbs outlines the shape of a good life. God made the word with certain moral lines and shapes that when embraced leads to success and happiness, but when ignored leads to trouble and destruction. 

This 6 week series is part of our laser tag challenge, a competition between small groups to complete the most reading and Bible memorization. The winning team earns a limo ride to our end-of-semester laser tag night!


Laser Tag Night

December 13th, 6:00-9:15

Join us as we rent out the best laser tag complex in Denver. Come compete against classmates on a multi-level laser tag complex with towers, hiding places and fog. Dinner included.

Because we commute to Laser Quest on Hampden, this event lasts from 6 PM - 9:15 PM. 

Cost for each student: $25.