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A New Hope Eurasia Missionary
Republic of Moldova

What We Do:

Public Schools Ministry:
We train Christian leaders in teaching skills, provide teaching materials and needed equipment, to build awareness about human-trafficking, violence, addictions, etc.

Youth Ministry:
We assist the Church in building an engaging, attractional program, that will guide the youth to meeting Jesus and to build long lasting relationship with the Church.

Kids Clubs & Day Centers:
In partnership with the local church we express good care for the poor kids by sharing meals, skills & Bible.

Transition Homes:
We provide orphaned and victimized kids a safe home, loving family, daily care, education and spiritual care.


Where We Work:

Eastern Europe:

  • Republic of Moldova

  • Eastern Romania

  • Southern Bulgaria

  • Western Ukraine

  • Western Turkey

  • Central Azerbaijan

Central Asia:

  • Southern Kazakhstan

  • Northern Kyrgyzstan

  • Eastern Uzbekistan

  • Northern Tadjikistan


Next Generations for Christ

The Government of Moldova has sent an official letter to New Hope Moldova, asking for help: “Please, come and teach our kids about the issue of Human Trafficking, Cyber-addiction, and Drugs…” The superintendent of the capital city of Moldova, invited us for a special meeting making a public statement: “all schools are yours”. God granted us with many and great opportunities to share Christ. Partnerships with local churches are essential for this ministry. Our role in this case is to equip and empower youth workers in this great work, assist them the best way possible with training, teaching materials and needed equipment.


We have the joy to let you know that in the last 6 months we were able to cover and share the Gospel with about 15,000 kids as part of the campaigns: Stop-Human Trafficking & Cyber addiction. To see the tears in their eyes, the decisions to make right choices in life and to live for Jesus, as well as spend more time with their loved once and God, it is the joy and success of the ministry.

The feedback that we receive from the kids is the most inspiring: “ Thank you for this lesson on Human-trafficking, it opened my eyes, I cannot believe it happens in my country, but now, I know, I need to be careful and tell others about this issue too. (Maricika) ”

As the follow up to the work being done in the schools is the ministry of the youth outreach clubs. At least twenty kids, once a week, are gathered to build relationships and lean about Jesus.

We’ve seen over the years that it is a great place where the lifelong relationships are build. We are honored to let you know that weekly over 1,000 kids are reached and discipled by the leaders and the teams of these youth outreach clubs. Kids are successfully plugged in the local churches.

Reach the Unreached

The most populated and unreached part of the world, 85% of the population of the World lives here. Countries we’re focused on are in Balkans and Central Asia. Most of these places long in the past were Christian nations, because Disciples of Christ came here. The apostle Andrew preached the Gospel in the Balkans. Bartholomew preached the Gospel in Armenia, Georgia, killed and barred in Azerbajan. Land that is reach in Biblical sites, like 7 churches of Revelation. Our goal is to empower existing churches in reaching the unreached and new churches established.

The Reality

The reality of Turkey is that local churches are a few and existing churches were not empowered to plant new churches. Our strategy is to plant the seed of the Gospel first, serve the needs of that community second and have couples that are assisted in the church planting effort. With great joy we would like to let you know that in partnership with the main evangelical churches we’re about to launch new local churches in the main Biblical Cities of Turkey. New Hope Eurasia will be assisting these couples in their community outreach service and the church planting ministry in the area.

We are so honored and privileged to say that we can see people coming to a saving knowledge of Christ. In Turkey, our goal was 6K New Testaments (INGIL) in Turkish, we gladly can say that we’ve reached a total of 15,000 INGIL distributed. It is our joy, to see these people being followed up in person and remotely via internet ministry and accessing mentoring online resources.

Our role is to assist and empower indigenous believers and churches in fulfilling the Great Commission in their region. Eurasia needs more Bibles, more believers and more churches.

Leadership Training in Central Asia

After the fall of Soviet Union, this area of the world was flooded by the foreign missionaries, but not long ago most of them had to leave because of the radical changes in the leadership of these countries, secret police took ground and made most of the foreigners leave. In the context of this situation, local leaders were left to lead the churches and ministries. The lack of skills, knowledge, and experience created a gap of leadership. The cry of leaders reached the Altar of God, and He sent New Hope Eurasia in Partnership with EQUIP Inc. to fill the gap by training indigenous leaders in the area of church, business, education, arts. In the last three years we were able to train more than 5,000 leaders, via Train the Trainers system. Make your part to REACH & SAVE a life.

Stop Human Trafficking

USSR was one of the largest empires that ever existed, it covered an area of about 11 time zones, with almost half of billion people in population, but with much oppression and persecution toward Christians and opposition toward the Bible. With the fall of USSR the economy of the region was totally destroyed and the morale of 15 republics was so decimated which brought an ethical and moral vacuum. Than some people realized that selling other people can profit them directly. The global evil of human-trafficking found a fertile soil in Eurasia, among sex traffickers, owner of begging networks and exploitation of kid’s bodies by harvesting their vital organs. Who will fight against this evil of slavery? New Hope Eurasia believes that Jesus cares for such people and church should too. We are intentionally working in the areas of awareness, prevention, and restoration of the victims. We constantly look for partners, supporters, volunteers that can help us in these efforts.


We praise God for the 15,000 kids in the state run orphanages and public schools that we were able to inform of the issue of trafficking. Through awareness we saw a yearly drop of 3%. About 5,000 posters were spread by churches in the shops, schools, city halls, streets, door to door. In partnership with churches more than 10,000 heard the Gospel through the “Stop-Trafficking Campaign”.