Safety at Foundry Kids

Safety is a top priority at Foundry Kids. We take every step to create a secure, clean and loving environment for our children and their families. To do this, we've created a set of safety procedures.


Children must be checked in before they can enter their classroom. Check-in opens 15 minutes before service.

Name Tags / "Parent tags"

Check-in name tags must be worn by children at all times. These tags tell our volunteers relevant allergy information and which to which class they belong. Parents are given a matching parent tag, required to pick up their child. If you lose your tag, you'll need to provide proper ID to claim your child.

Emergency number

At check-in, every family will be required to provide an emergency cell phone number. This number will only be used during service if their child needs their immediate attention.


Due to the prevalence of allergies in children, we don't allow any food in the children's wing. Generally, we don't serve any snacks in any class except for certain party Sundays. All potential allergens used during kid's church will be posted in the check-in room.


Because sanitation is so important, sick kids will be asked to try again next week. Acceptable symptoms include: mild cough, light running nose. Unacceptable symptoms include: Fever, regular/heavy cough, runny nose with yellow or green mucus, diarrhea or vomiting