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Personalized Bibles

Tips on who should write in it

Anyone who loves them. Parents. Siblings. Grandparents. Teachers. Small Group leaders. Pastors. Family Friends. The more, the better.

Tips on what to write

Our students are very relational. They love when people they admire encourage and open up to them. Personalized Bible are the perfect way to give them a Bible they'll want to read. 

Here are a few tips on what to write:


Encouraging Notes

Find an encouraging Bible verse and write an encouraging note in the margin.

  • Tell your graduate how much you love them.
  • Brag on their hard work.
  • Encourage their talents.
  • Remind them of something wonderful they've accomplished. 
  • Tell them a story of when they were little.

Great encouraging verses:

Joshua 1:9, Psalm 32:8, Psalm 37:4, Proverbs 3:5-6, Jeremiah 29:11


YOUR life verse

Underline YOUR favorite verses and write what it means to you. Be sure to sign your name!

  • What verses have changed your life? Why? Be personal.
  • What do you hope your graduate will learn in the next chapter of life?

Great life verses:

Romans 12:1-2, John 3:16, Psalm 27:4, Philippians 3:7-9, I John 3:1-3


Speak wisdom

Underline a verse that could guide them in the next chapter. 

  • Give them great advice
  • Guide them to relevant verses 
  • Encourage them to keep the faith in college and beyond

Great verses for graduates:

1 Timothy 4:12-14, 2 Peter 5:5-9, Matthew 5:19-21