why serve?

Serving helps you grow

God wants to change our hearts in ways that can happen only when we are meeting the needs of others. When we set aside our own wants to help others, we choose a posture of humility. God does amazing work in our hearts at those times. Serving is one of the best ways to grow your faith--it is another way that we can help you start where you are.

Serving helps you meet people

Friendship is one of the rich treasures of life. Look for an opportunity where you can serve with other people at specific times. You'll see the same people each time and can become friends as you serve together—because you already have something in common. 

Serving can fit your time and interests

We can help you find ways to serve that will match your time availability, interests, and commitment level. If the first one you try doesn't seem to fit you well, we'll be glad to help you try another. You can step out of a serving opportunity just as easily as you stepped in—we promise.


Want to know more about serving? see our "Fall-in" series


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